Ideal for:
-clients who are new to lashes
-clients who only want to enhance what they have naturally
-"mascara" look
Not recommended for:
-clients with weak or sparse lashes
-clients who want a lot of length
​-clients who want "drama"
-clients who struggle with retention

Classic Lashes - $130

Fill - $60

The Lash Lift Lash lifts and tints are the perfect low maintenance option for clients who want a little enhancement to their natural lashes.
Ideal for:
-clients who want lash definition without extensions
-clients who want little maintenance
-clients who want a natural look
Not recommended for:
​-clients with very short lashes (although you can use Borboleta Beauty’s lash serum for six weeks prior to a lash lift to get length for this service)
-clients who want to add fullness to their lash line

Volume Lashes - $175

Fill - $90

Ideal for:
-clients who are new to lashes
-clients who want a slightly enhanced lash line
-any type of natural lash can handle this set
-natural look with soft volume
Not recommended for:
​-clients who want a dense look

Hybrid Lashes - $155

Fill - $75

The Volume Lash In the volume lash technique, the artist uses an extremely light weight lash to create 2D-5D fans which are place on each one of your lashes. This look has more fullness with a lightweight, airy feel.
Ideal for:
-clients who want a dark lash line
-any type of natural lash can handle this set (2D-3D recommended for weak lashes)
-this set can become more or less full depending on the size of the fan to achieve desired fullness
​-clients who struggle with retention
Not recommended for:
​-clients who want an extreme natural look

Lash Lift - $75

The Lash Bar

The Classic Lash application method uses a thicker extension to create a mascara look.  One extension is applied per one of your natural lashes.
The Hybrid Lash This set mixes both volume and classic lashing techniques.  The result yields a fuller, softer look with the definition of classic lashes. 



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